Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No on 8 Campaign issues this message

Still not called, but here's a message from the No on 8 Campaign leaders:

"Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied.
Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Given that fundamental rights are at stake, we must wait to hear from the Secretary of State tomorrow how many votes are yet to be counted as well as where they are from.
It is clearly a very close election and we monitored the results all evening and this morning.
As of this point, the election is too close to call.

Because Prop 8 involves the sensitive matter of individual rights, we believe it is important to wait until we receive further information about the outcome.

Geoff Kors Executive CommitteeNO on Prop 8

Kate Kendell Executive CommitteeNO on Prop 8"

I had met Geoff for a short moment (he was on the phone) when I volunteered for his organization, Equality California. And I saw Kate Kendall speak on stage after the 2004 defeats, including many bans on marriage, to talk about the future of the marriage equality fight. At that time the only state was Massachusetts, a recent victory that year, and we wondered how to make it happen in otherwise gay-friend California.

Then this summer, I saw the reality. I loved reading the court opinion. I was overwhelmed by Connecticut joining the fray - and so close to election day! Yikes. But it didn't seem to stop Obama from winning...

Now here we are, and Prop 8 threatens to take away the court victory that made California the state between Mass and Conn. I can only pray (to my atheist god) that the remaining precincpts might offer something in this still uncalled result,

Till later,

Here's a shout-out to Brian Davis and Molly McKay who were both directors at Equality California during my volunteer time. Best to you and your spouses in securing legal acceptance.

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