Thursday, April 9, 2009

Absolutely charming blog post on marriage victories (Warning lots of rural-speak metaphors)

The cows have come home, the writing is on the barn

favorite comment, by Lynn:

"Yes, opponents of gay marriage have had their feathers ruffled now that the cows have indeed coming home. Despite Prop 8, Iowa and Vermont prove that a swallow does not make a summer. Problem is y’all went so darn eager-beaver and whole-hog about turning this issue into yer one-trick pony. Granted, religious conservatives take to homosexual matters like ducks to water, but going bull-in-a-china-shop like you did has exposed dirty laundry that is now being hung like a horse out to dry. I’d say it’s time to pen the cock and bull story and find some other fish to fry."

I say: Yee-HAAA!

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