Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Transgender equality is the next "culture war" for the right-wing

Autumn Sandeen writes.

My favorite comment was written by HappyCat:

The REAL traumatizing effect (0.00 / 0)
Is when these kids discover that their parents were full of shit when they enter the real world.

This is the one thing I will never understand about the Fundies. The worst thing you can do to your children is lie to them. It is one thing if the want to teach their children that homosexuality is wrong or against their view of the bible. (Something I totally disagree with) And then when the children get older they can make up their own minds. Even if they(the fundie's children) turnout to believe there is nothing wrong with LGBT people, the big lies about being pedophiles and the other horrid crap they dream up or project will have an impact. Mom, why did you tell lies about people just because you thought what they do is wrong? This leads to, What else did you lie to me about?

This is happening everyday. And they claim to be the one who are protecting the children, all at the same time lying their asses off to their children.

If I make sense? it was quite by accident.

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