Friday, April 3, 2009

After Sweden comes...Iowa!

Iowa's Supreme Courts affirms marriage equality!!!

"I-o-w-a, a place to stay - get your booty on the floor tonight, make MY DAY!"

Americans United for Separation of Church and State says: "In its unanimous ruling, the Iowa high court makes it clear that religious denominations have a constitutional right to set their own rules about marriage but that civil law should reflect equal protection for all citizens and not be anchored in religious dogma."

Basic Rights Oregon says: "This decision brings marriage equality to America's heartland. And nationally, it changes the terms of the debate. The big question is... which way forward for Oregon?...[To talk specifically about Oregon's strategy] Join the conversation online and tell us what you think."

Family Equality Council says: "We will likely have to support our Iowa families in the weeks, months and years to come to keep marriage equality in the Hawkeye State."

MassEquality (Massachusetts, first state!) says: "
This is a monumental victory for Iowa and LGBT equality. However, in Vermont, marriage equality is facing a major challenge from Governor Douglas.
The Vermont House voted with overwhelming support (95-52) last night to pass a marriage equality bill. Now, Governor Douglas is set to veto the bill.
It is critical that we do everything we can to override the Governor's veto. We are just votes away from overriding the veto and securing marriage equality in Vermont.


I should note that other states are trying to achieve marriage equality through the legislature: New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York. California had tried that several times, but Gov Schwartznegger always vetoed it. The good news is that he has also said he would veto a ban on marriage. He was fine with the Court victory that Prop 8 stole from us.

To hell with Governor Douglas. Rally to get that override, Vermonters!

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