Friday, April 3, 2009

More Quotes on Iowa's victory

Garden State Equality (NJ) says: "Today’s unanimous ruling for marriage equality in America’s heartland slams the door on the hands of New Jersey officials who still pat themselves on the back for legislating a failed civil union substitute. Civil Unions are to equality what AIG bonuses are to corporate integrity. New Jersey’s separate and unequal civil union law is an abject embarrassment to the nearly nine million people who live in our progressive state. America’s civil union era is coming to a close."

My personal view: Equality under the law demands a single legal category for couples, whether gay or straights. So we can call give marriages licenses to all couples, OR give civil unions lisences to all coules AND give marriage licenses to NO couples. BUT....We CANNOT give one category to gays and another to straights.

That is what these court cases are about: demanding an explanation from those who insist that we can make two different categories. They are failing.

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