Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle is a shero to all women and girls

She didn't look like a model or a pop star, she's never been kissed, but she's the new image of the ideal woman.

Susan Boyle proved them all wrong with her voice. Go girl power!

Feminists are noticing this "spinster" pop star:

Tennessee Guerilla Woman


Tearing down social expectations of beauty


Guardian UK: "Susan Boyle is not ugly, but our reaction to her was"

Triumph of Susan Boyle: "Yet when Boyle sings, our identification transfers instantly to her. She's us. A regular, imperfect, unairbrushed person, an intimate friend of rejection and loneliness and mockery and disappointment. A person who, in spite of everything, clings resolutely to the conviction that there is something inside her that's very special."

Google Search:....see for yourself

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