Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Links on the death of Dr George Tiller

First something on free speech (openly condemning Bill, but saying he has free speech, as do the people who SHOULD throw condemnation at Bill): "Bill O'Reilly, the death of Dr Tiller, and free speech"

Also, from RH Reality Check (pro-choice):

The 'Pro-Life' Movement's Hot Rhetoric and All Out Lies

Six Ways the Internet Has Shaped Discourse Around Tiller's Murder

The Murder of Dr George Tiller, A Forshadowing, written by birth-control advocate Christina Page. She outlines the history of violent clinic attacks, and the warning signs.

Share Your Late-Term Abortion Story

Operation Rescue, Jill Stanek: Only Too Happy to Aid and Abet

Seldom Enforced Law Opens Window For Suits Against Extreme Anti-Choice Groups. Daphne Eviatar asks, "Are laws like the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act (FACE) enough to ensure that the anti-clinic, anti-provider violence ends?" The FACE act was signed into law by President Clinton, so it's been there for it enough?

And here's my question to you all - is it time that WE (if no one else) stop calling these people "pro-life" and start calling them "anti-choice"? Here is the distinction:

a person is pro-life, but not anti-choice if: they may be personally against abortion, but don't want to take the choice away from any other woman. They should also be for laws/practices that protect choice.

a person is anti-choice if: they want choice taken away with whatever laws, practices, or nice-sounding words they are comfortable with. Chances are many of these anti-choicers will never say they "want to take away choice". Rather they will say,

"we want to give women better than abortion",

"we want women to choose life",

"we want women to make informed choice"

(meaning state-mandated reading materials in the doctor's office, telling anti-choice lies about the medical risks of abortion, such as the unproven link betwen abortion and breast cancer, infertility, etc. In fact the real medical facts show that abortion has no link with these)

So, like the selective name choice?

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