Monday, June 1, 2009

Only a psycho would cheer the murderer of Dr Tiller, right? Wrong...

Those who support the murderer can be as normal as the guy next door. Check it:

"I admit that I fully support what Scott Roeder did today. I don't remember the last time I was as happy as when I heard the news. It must have been when my second beautiful daughter was born last year."

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Update (1:51PM): RH Reality check has deleted that commented, saying it was "inappropriate on many levels". I definitely agree with that, and I can understand the wisdom of denying airtime to these jerks. But I also see the wisdom in letting these individuals show themselves, in broad daylight, for the world to see. We have such an ignorance regarding evil-doers and evil-believers -- Namely that we have little (if any) awareness of the fact that these people do not just live on the 6 o-clock news. They LIVE AMONG US. We shake their hands. We consider them friends. We consider them incapable of believing the things that the commentor believed above, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE A LOVING (or seemingly loving) FATHER.

We may have smiled and waved at many people like the commentor above, and we don't know it, BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITY, EVEN IN THE PRIVACY OF OUR BRAINS.

Ignorance may be blissful. It might give us a better feeling about humanity, and allow us to be more social (ie "well-adjusted").

But it will not protect us, or those who are vulnerable.

Update (8:44PM): Found this jolly commenter too:...

"Although I don't advocate violence, I have to say that upon hearing the news of Tiller's death - I felt Joyful! (boldface mine) Joyful that pure Justice really exists. Some call this Karma - I don't believe in Karma but I do believe that nothing happens by coincidence - everything has a purpose. There are consequences to the decisions we make or don't make. Tiller viewed the fruit of human reproduction as nothing more than unwanted cells or flesh - something to be ripped from the mother's womb and discarded in the dumpster behind his clinic. With this type of perspective on life wasn't Dr. Tiller already dead? I mean he couldn't have been a happy man - you cannot continually "butt heads" with Life's Energy Source and expect "good things" to come your way, right? Anyway, I feel badly that I don't feel badly for Dr. Tiller. I feel a sense of Justice. We have lost Justice in this country and the world. Unfortunately, when Society loses its sense of pure Justice we will see some citizens take it into their own hands - no doubt - we will see more of this if the country doesn't take back it's moral traditions, uphold the Constitution, and start doing what is RIGHT!"

Another comment from here:...

"While murder of the innocent and helpless is wrong, the killing of one to save many can be justified. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I think it is poetic justice that a murderer be taken in an ungodly church. Any church who would sanction the murderer and the atrocities he commited carry the blood stains of thousands of helpless children on that church as well. Yes, sanctioned because they allowed him a position within the church. Tiller reaped what he sowed. It should be a wakening call to the church he attended. If anyone of you who believe in abortion watched what happens to a helpless baby as they are litterally torn onto pieces and did not change their mind is sadistic. I dare all of you to watch what a baby goes through as it's arms, legs, intestines and brain and the rest of the poor child are sucked out a tube and thrown into a garbage can, or thrown into a garbage can still alive with shreded body parts to die cold and calously. Yes Dr. Tiller got what he deserved. Truth hurt? too bad."

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Anonymous said...

At the point where people individually get to decide killing other people is justifiable on the basis of their strong personal beliefs, we will all be able to justify killing anybody for any reason so long as we could articulate a 'greater good' that was being served. I could make a little list myself personally of people the world would be better without: men who beat their wives - people who take them children to 'weird' churches - those who talk loudly on cellphones in line. Do they really want total anarchy?