Wednesday, May 13, 2009

President Obama reverses his decision to show the photos of detainee abuse

So I wrote him this email:....

Dear Mr President,

It is wrong that you chose to reverse the original decision to show the photos of detainee abuse. You claimed that you did this to avoid inflaming anti-American sentiment that would endanger our troops. Will this not happen anyway because of this cover up? And now that you've publically stated your reason was to avoid backlash, won't there now be a bigger backlash?

It's not like the Middle Eastern citizens will be like "Damn, I really needed those photos to get my anger going! But now that Obama says he's hiding them to avoid our anger, we HAVE to be mellow. No matter how America tortures our people, if I can't see a photo of it, I can't feel angery."

Like other adult humans, Middle Easterners CAN learn information without pictures. If we read that our soldiers were being tortured in their country, and we knew this, would we be any less angry if they said "sorry, can't show you pics". If anything we'd be MORE angry with the pictures being intentionally hidden.

Would you trust a law enforcer who hid photos or videos of police brutality? YOU, President of the United States, ARE the law enforcer - the executive branch - of this nation's laws. Why are you letting your squad cover its crime?

"Looking forward, not back is a rosy-sounding codeword for letting murderers get away with it. You don't have the authority to do that picking and choosing.

Criminals, especially violent criminals, get punished. End of story.

(my real name)

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