Friday, January 15, 2010

No abortions with your tax money? What about mine?

The anti-abortion amendments of Bart Stupak and Ben Nelson have reignited the fight over the original financial ban on abortion money: the Hyde Amendment. For 30 years before Bart and Ben, the Hyde Amendment had already banned federal money for abortion. Bart and Ben want to take it further by bringing these restrictions into private insurance market, meaning even if a woman would pay for an abortion with her own money, she'd be restricted.

Center for Reproductive Rights is doing a campaign to speak out against the Hyde Amendment and the idea that anti-abortion folks get to pick-and-choose with their tax dollars while the rest of us don't get to pick and choose.

So what would you prohibit your tax dollars going to? The video asks and people answer.

What would I deny tax money to? Glad you asked...

I don't want my tax dollars going to fund any organization, school, church, or charity that teaches anyone homophobia, anti-abortion views, abstinence-until-marriage views, "tough love" philosophy of any kind, evolution denialism, anti-athiest views, the idea that you only have rights if you have money to pay for them, any person or organization that says "get over it" or "grow up", any one who teaches anything I find offensive or hurtful or irrational or unkind or having misplaced sympathies of any kind...

That's the most I can think of. I have other things to do today, so I can't be here too long. But just know that I'd be frugal with my tax dollars.

To what would you deny your taxes? Click on the "people answer" link and tell them!

Update (9:45P): Pro-choice Goth is debating anti-choicer Jen H in the comments section of this post on the topic: click here, scroll down


Shannon Drury said...

Righties no longer listen to the "I don't want to pay for your war" argument, so I usually bite back with the fact that most states fund medically unnecessary circumcisions through Medicaid. Appalling!! Why use my tax money to cut off part of a baby boy's penis?!! GROSS!!! Et cetera.

H4736 said...

Thanks for standing up for penis!

No pun intended.