Monday, March 12, 2012

Calling All Pro-Choice Americans

Abolishing slavery, women winning the right to vote, stopping marital rape, interracial marriage – these “social issues” were once considered controversial or violating natural order. Today they have a consensus of support and are considered cornerstones of American justice and civil and human rights*. In other words, they are non-partisan issues.

It’s time for another social issue to become part of this list: The legal defense and social acceptance of each person’s right to sexual and reproductive health care.

The vast majority of us do not or will not wait until marriage to have sex, and the right to choose is no threat to those who genuinely want to wait (as opposed to those pressured to wait by parents and preachers.) The right to choose is only a threat to those who are anti-choice.

The fact is the pro-choice citizenry of America is comprised by people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, ages, political parties, non-parties, and ideologies.

There are things we will disagree on. But let us agree on this: WE NEED TO ELECT THOSE WHO WILL PROTECT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

Whatever your political identity, I ask each of you to donate to helping win critical pro-choice victories this year.

For ALL of us - and the women, men, teens, and children we care about – let us give to any of the following organizations helping defend reproductive freedom:

Republican Majority for Choice: Donate here!

NARAL Pro-Choice America: Donate here!

Planned Parenthood Action Fund: Donate here!

EMILY’s List (Democratic women): Donate here!

National Network of Abortion Funds (not a PAC, but important): Donate here!

Any others you suggest ...


* I’m aware that these injustices still exist in some form in America and around the world. But the explicit outlawing and explicit condemnation of these injustices is accepted as a given, when in times past it was not. It was perfectly acceptable to openly support slavery, denial of women’s right and ability to vote, etc. That we came to an explicit consensus against these injustices was necessary. That these injustices continue to exist only proves that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

** I received editing assistance for this page from:

Elizabeth Shipp - Political Director at NARAL Pro-Choice America

Cristina Page - Author of How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America

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Sophia Yen MD said...

NOT a PAC but an important prochoice coming together cause. The Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women. Wear a Silver Ribbon if you Trust Women with repro rights and pin all your friends either virtually via twibbon or with real silver ribbons. and talk about all the craziness going on and the need to elect prochoice people!

Leave Medicine to MDs and keep government out of uteruses/vaginas. or at least let's elect some prochoice MDs. Please join me in supporting Pro-Choice MDs running for Congress via @actblue Any donation of any amount helps! Dr. LaFerla and in Maryland, and Dr. Gill in Illinois. Dr. LaFerla is running against an MD who doesn't believe in abortion even in the case of rape/incest!

Sally's list in Oklahoma electing prochoice people there. electing prochoice women in CA. We do need them b/c Rep Issa who convened at the all male panel on contraception is from CA!!!