Thursday, May 10, 2012

Calling EQUALITY!!!!!

Today, President Barack Obama spoke in support for marriage equality for LGBT Americans. He's had a strong record of policy victories for LGBT rights, but pro-equality citizens were wondering for a long time when he was going to "evolve" on marriage. Today, he's evolved and has voiced his personal support for ending discrimination in our marriage laws.

Equality under the law is a promise of many countries, but promises made and kept are two different things. Many people, some lawmakers and some our fellow citizens, have always stood in the way of equality regardless of how good or bad their conscious intentions were. Conscious intentions are never enough to define human behavior. It also matters how behavior impacts.

Equal citizenship requires that each person have the freedom to control their personal lives, including the sexual aspects of them. Otherwise, we make celibacy a requirement for citizenship.

Equal citizenship requires equal access to ALL forms of health care, paying for those who can't afford to pay for themselves. And health care requires reproductive and sexual health care. Otherwise, we make celibacy or unwanted pregnancy a requirement for health care.

I propose we show our support for equality by supporting those who stand up for it.

For Barack Obama: Donate here!

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To give him a supportive House: Donate here!

To support any party, including Republicans, electing pro-choice candidates: Scroll down, Donate here! 

To remember what we're fighting for, sing our message in the Saturday sun :)


Ron said...

...and what about religious equality?

just as it is the law that i tolerate your bs religion or lack thereof, it is also the law that you tolerate my bs religion or lack thereof... or am i just completely misinterpreting the First Amendment?

Unknown said...

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