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Sampling some of my best posts

November 20, 2007: How I Spent my Transgender Day of Remembrance

Nov-Dec 2007: In the comments section of this article, I debate pro-lifers on the question of abortion and whether women should get jail time like any other murderer. The main pro-lifer I debate is “AndyJ”. My name is “Harry834”. Since this time I have often made comments asking this same question to other prolifers, though I don’t necessarily invest as much time in the debate as I did in this one with AndyJ. Also, anyone can jump in to comment, so be sure to see commenter’s name to see if it is my words or someone else’s. But the convergence of so many different commenters is great because we often add on to each other’s points.

The article has 65 comments as of today. Back when it was only 32 comments, I commented about the progress of that debate on my blog.

Jan 22, 2008: I wrote this on the anniversary of Roe v Wade. It is a list of things I think heterosexual men should do to advance and respect women’s rights: For Pro-Choice Straight Men

A commenter had emailed me some questions about what I said in this post. So I felt it was necessary to write a clarification (Feb 10, 2008)

Jan 25, 2008: This is a commentary I wrote on another the post of another advocate, Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out. He advocates against the scientific falsehoods of the ex-gay movement. Some of my commentary might read like a book report, but I add my opinion too.

March 10, 2008: Around this time, an audio tape had been release of State Senator Sally Kern at rally with fellow social conservatives. She expressed anti-gay views and said historical falsehoods such as “no society with homosexuality has lasted more than ten years”. This post was about how I saw the issue of free speech in relation to my views, her views, and the views of her other critics.

Approx. March 19th 2008: Once again, I get into a debate with someone on RH Reality Check about the issue of whether women should be imprisoned for getting abortions the way murderers are. The link you hit here to the pro-lifer’s response, and if you scroll down you will see me comment back as “Harry834”. Warning: the font got messed up, so all our words are in bold.

*May 20th 2008: A big blog post analysis - “Should women who have abortions go to prison?”

*July 8th, 2008: My comment as Harry834 on a RH post on late-term abortion. My comment is has the heading, “this is why”

*July 11th 2008: My differing and nuanced opinions on immigration issues

September 11th 2008: Bill O’Reilly had made some negative comments about the unplanned pregnancy of Jaime Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney Spears. Bill was criticized by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for not giving similar negative commentary for Bristol Palin’s unplanned pregnancy. Bill defended himself saying we had media documentation of Britney’s crazy lifestyle but none of Bristol’s. I take all these statement, combine them with knowns and unknowns, and give my assessment, logically charting out.

*September 17th 2008: Not all teen marriages are failures

November 21, 2008: Another Transgender Day of Remembrance. My post, A just society protects all citizens, transgender or not

December 20th 2008: Having doubts about the Rick Warren fight

February 11, 2009: I emailed a letter to network planning to air an anti-gay documentary. Here is that letter.

*December 1, 2009: comment on RH as Harry834. I make a suggestion about anti-abortion laws, heading “good point

More recently:

I debate "Logical Brian" (as Harry834), scroll down far

I debate folks (as Harry834) at the politically conservative gay site, Gay Patriot: here, and here, and here.

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